{artists statement}

I  seek out the ordinary and mundane..
the pockets of light that fall just so, the place where fairies float like dust particles settling on every surface.
the skinned knees of summers lived, the ragged and raw.
those moments of which a mother thinks for a second ‘close your eyes.. take this in.. capture this moment. don’t forget *this* one.’ and takes a deep breath, trying to cement it forever in the minds eye.
but we do forget.. as those moments continue to fill our ever evolving families, the way a chubby toddler foot presses into the forearm as you nourish her at the breast. the way the sweat curls the hair at the nape of his neck. these fleeting moments replaced by the growing bodies that stretch across our bed like oceans, the memories and paths of these lives changing left in the silver rivers on the soft flesh of our bellies and breasts.
and so it is in all of these stories, those tiny mundane details.. the parts over looked. the imperfect, impure.
the vignettes of something greater all wrapped up in the unnoticeable.
the unnoticeable is what I seek to capture.
the pieces a mother might wish to wash away – with posture and diet, with matching clothes and freshly combed hair. the smiles all looking one direction.
i know that in years time, she won’t remember those posed people and personalities. instead, she will be brought back instantly to those stolen moments she captured years ago in her minds eye – reawakened by the image of that tear streak down the dirty cheek of a child, the tired but happy eyes of mama with children hanging off of her.
the images that suddenly fill up with the sounds as they were happening. reliving.

I seek out the beauty in the ordinary and mundane.
The evidence of life lived.