Floating through the inbetween these final holy moments of you swimming within me… in the fluidity and simplicity of your world warm and wet, dark and humming the vibration of my body.. of blood flowing through my veins and whooshing around you in lullaby. my heart beating at your goddess feet, my pelvis your holy […]

softer now

There’s a softness about my face right now that I’m only just beginning to recognize one that I only just saw, after a photo.. and felt softness melt within me for her. there is age on my skin. wisdom in my eyes silver sprouting in my hairline. all this space I am taking up all […]

a letter to my back fat

Dear Pregnant Body, With your rolls and folds your cellulite and stretch marks. the way the soft flesh of your arm spreads out, and how your thighs feel like the texture of the moon. all craters and valleys. It’s really your back fat that I have the issue with. and I need to address it […]


matriarch. we are tied up in each others wounds and wombs. flesh and blood and soil and salt. suspended and held in each others wombs until the time comes to lay the bricks on the clay and birth another into the world. queens and priestesses. maidens. mothers. crones. we carry the world within our blood […]

{artists statement}

I ¬†seek out the ordinary and mundane.. the pockets of light that fall just so, the place where fairies float like dust particles settling on every surface. the skinned knees of summers lived, the ragged and raw. those moments of which a mother thinks for a second ‘close your eyes.. take this in.. capture this […]

{opening} birth affirmations

{opening} the deep vibration and hum in my throat rises from within, opening my cervix, ripe and full.. rounding the moon. tides within me pulling ocean waves down and together, we ride them. swishing back and forth.. round and round. following the rhythms of baby spiraling and navigating through hips expansion universe unfolding. opening. creation. […]