Birth Visions {setting intentions}

The new moon of July, on the 4th. To complete the moon phase of conception and birth, perfectly in tune.

Contractions will wake me from slumber, with bird summer song all hours of the dusky night sky – until the sun rises at 5am
The pool will be filled with ease, and instead of waiting to ask my midwife if I can get in, I will simply get in when I am ready to, whether she is here or not at that time.

My doula will arrive in the early hours and help fill the pool while I finish placing supplies and items within easy reach for birth team.
Claire and Jack will gently transition from sleep to rousing, looking for me, and continue with an ease and flow knowing that baby is coming. We’ll share ice pops (no RoundTree ones this time!)
Midwives will quietly arrive and observe – no one will perform any vaginal exams unless I specifically ask for one.
Rebecca will listen to baby’s heart tones, which will be beautiful and strong.
I will breathe a golden thread through my lips and fill the room with it, a ribbon of song to her.
Her descent will be powerful, but I will be met at the right time, with the right touch and eyes – reminding me that I am not alone, that I am safe, that I am doing just fine.
Her water will stay intact, gently stretching my perineum – easing her head and body over previous trauma tissue – which will stretch gently without tearing.
The kids will watch from the side of the pool as her body is born and brought to the surface

Out we’ll climb to birth the placenta, where Claire will be able to cut the umbilical cord
* I’d like a photo of baby in my arms still attached to the plump cord and placenta.*
* I’d like a photo of Claire cutting the cord*
* I’d like a photo of the placenta*

I will have little to no tearing
After a while, I’ll take a shower and get dressed in comfortable pajamas – we’ll all share some madeira cake with cream and strawberries and sing gentle happy birthdays to our selkie queen.

Baby and mama will take a nap tucked into fresh, clean bed
While the sun pours on the day and the kids are able to enjoy the sunshine and laughter.

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