Maker Artist Mama

When I’m not creating, I’m thinking about what I’m going to create next. Things to write down.. ideas.. thinking about how the photo of right now would be, and how I need it. How I need to climb right out of myself to capture this. this. this. The images of motherhood – in these short, […]

postpartum depression v.2

There might be a moment. An accumulation of moments Of questioning, noticing, lost. Of suddenly sinking, wading, drowning. Anxiety manifested in paranoia Where headaches become meningitis Spots become skin cancer Dizziness becomes tumours. Where minutes are counted when someone’s gone, And an ear for sirens in the distance. When you’re walking with visions of your […]

the weight of a woman

woman, i see you. i see you doing it all. feed your family healthy meals. think of healthy meals to feed them. plan them out. write them down. look up recipes. think about this while you’re in the shower, while you’re putting them to bed. while you’re doing something for yourself. keep the lists. save […]

MotherBaby Blessing

Every pregnancy and birth has brought a greater awakening and voice to my intuition. Claire’s pregnancy brought me healing and confidence in my body. Jack’s pregnancy and birth brought me deep empowerment and unlocked a channel within Leo’s pregnancy brought me ritual among the dark tides. It brought me trust in myself and my path. […]


Floating through the inbetween these final holy moments of you swimming within me… in the fluidity and simplicity of your world warm and wet, dark and humming the vibration of my body.. of blood flowing through my veins and whooshing around you in lullaby. my heart beating at your goddess feet, my pelvis your holy […]