I squished you in, so you would deflate Squished you, wished you Away Fed you, left you hungry.. wanting more Turn to the side.. inflate. Deflate. I squished you in, So I could zip up Be the life of the party in a new, smaller get up Spanx, suck you in, stop your breathing Sit […]

softer now

There’s a softness about my face right now that I’m only just beginning to recognize one that I only just saw, after a photo.. and felt softness melt within me for her. there is age on my skin. wisdom in my eyes silver sprouting in my hairline. all this space I am taking up all […]

a letter to my back fat

Dear Pregnant Body, With your rolls and folds your cellulite and stretch marks. the way the soft flesh of your arm spreads out, and how your thighs feel like the texture of the moon. all craters and valleys. It’s really your back fat that I have the issue with. and I need to address it […]

The Other Woman

How do I begin? When the higher truth finds it’s way to my knowing heart But my stubborn and broken bits continue to feast on lies. When my eyes trick me, and reflection balloons and morphs.. How did I, all those years ago… Break the mirror and silence the hounds I remember the feeling of […]

Antigone Rising

Owning her flesh and fire Crawling out of the cave. Purging the standards, the wicked voices, the downplay. Purging the shame of space this flesh takes up. Crawling out of the cave. Hands and knees mud and bloody. Scars and old callouses, we’ve been here before. We’ve done this work already. To visit this gravel […]