Ode To Ophelia

You cannot stop the river.

Like the river that brings destruction. Powerful.
carving into the landscape.
she too brings nourishing life.
rough edges made smooth by her ways.
she flows.
who will stop the river?
her wide berth will be contained no more.
she must move. Without apology.
the river must push through.

And so I will be moved by her.
my hips will give way and spiral her descent from watery world
the ocean of her beginning will trickle
the spring of the underworld released
awaiting the powerful rush of the river she rides on.
the rough edges of my bones, softened by flesh and dance.
the stiffness of my muscles eased by the round softness of my breath.
she will not be stopped.
she must be birthed. without apology.
she will push through
and i will merely give way to her.
taught by her.

Ophelia, god of the waters, the soul of a sacred river in the other world, and the river itself.

She teaches us about conflict, change, and self-reflection. She brings us the gift of self understanding. Drowns us in our own emotions, our own possibilities, our own desires. And through that, teaches us to accept what we find in the deep.

In the deep, I will meet her.
Body submerged in water, holy space anointed to her.
Communicating breath by breath
Earths quaking and ground breaking

The river will not be stopped.

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