{opening} birth affirmations

the deep vibration and hum in my throat rises from within, opening my cervix, ripe and full..
rounding the moon.
tides within me pulling ocean waves down
and together, we ride them.
swishing back and forth..
round and round.
following the rhythms of baby spiraling and navigating through hips expansion
universe unfolding. opening. creation.
coming undone. release.

my heart expanding – seeping with the intense love for my growing family.
for the gratitude of being in labour in my own time.
my steady heart – the heart of my family
gratitude to be in this body right now.. to be doing this work.
opening. opening. opening.

my mouth opens loose, allowing breath to exhale in giving space and awareness in my body.
my lips loose and soft like my open, soft cervix.

unleashing the wild woman. untamed and untainted.
ready to be born again.

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