The Other Woman

How do I begin? When the higher truth finds it’s way to my knowing heart But my stubborn and broken bits continue to feast on lies. When my eyes trick me, and reflection balloons and morphs.. How did I, all those years ago… Break the mirror and silence the hounds I remember the feeling of […]

Ode To Ophelia

You cannot stop the river. Like the river that brings destruction. Powerful. carving into the landscape. she too brings nourishing life. rough edges made smooth by her ways. she flows. who will stop the river? her wide berth will be contained no more. she must move. Without apology. the river must push through. And so […]

{april} New Moon Intentions

write. write. write. write. paint. draw. do. disconnect. reconnect with womb. meditate. breathe. write. birth intentions and visions – home. safe. warm. family. women’s circle – May Birth Gathering – Mother Rising. mandala making. spring cleaning. purging. nesting. creating baby space. ocean dipping – selkie baby blessing. labyrinth walking. reconnect. bare feet. hands to womb. […]

Antigone Rising

Owning her flesh and fire Crawling out of the cave. Purging the standards, the wicked voices, the downplay. Purging the shame of space this flesh takes up. Crawling out of the cave. Hands and knees mud and bloody. Scars and old callouses, we’ve been here before. We’ve done this work already. To visit this gravel […]

Holy Moments

In the final weeks, I’d wake up at 5am almost on the dot.. I’d roll my body out of bed to go pee, and sneak away from my sleeping toddler and her dad. The two of them a tangle of sleep, dreams in unison with inhales and exhales into the darkness our living lullaby. I’d […]